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This time Venice

Added on by Melanie Mathieu.

The last blog post I focused on Murano and Burano, two islands near Venice. It is now time for a post about Venice itself. Back in the end of July my two friends and I had a few days off so we decided to go to Venice. We had ideas of what we wanted to see but didn't have it totally all planned out. As we tend to do when we go to Europe we just kind of wing it and explore. Which is exactly what ended up happening. The first day when we arrived we decided to stay up all day without a nap since we didn't have much time there, figured we would make the most out of our trip and just wander.


Those images were just a few of images of just wandering around and getting lost. I don't like saying I'm lost... I like saying I'm on an adventure, because you can't really be lost if you don't know where you're going in the first place! :) 

The rest of the wandering around through Venice I just kept focusing on the architecture as you can see above! There were the essentials to photograph like the Rialto bridge, Bridge of Sighs and then St. Marks Basilica. We didn't go into any of the buildings because we didn't feel we had enough time so we just looked at everything from the outside. Realistically you won't just go to Venice for 3 days like we did. There is just way to much to see, but we had a great time exploring a new city and look forward to going back one day, (at least I can't wait!)

Here are some tips:

Plan to be there for at least a week and for the water taxis to take forever so don't be in a rush.

It will most likely be Very crowded.

It's hot in the summer so dress appropriately but remember you can't have your shoulders showing if you go in the churches so pack a light sweater or shall. 

Go with a plan if you'd like or just wander, you will find things to keep you occupied either way.

Last but not least, have fun and eat well, it's Italy so the food is amazing!